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Michelle Teska For State Representative

A Voice for Faith, Family, and Freedom


Michelle was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She graduated from The University of Dayton and has a successful background in sales. Michelle worked at Cox Media Group for 23 years. After starting as a Local Account Executive, Michelle was promoted to National Sales Manager for  WHIO-TV, WHIO-AM, WHKO-FM, WZLR-FM.

After a successful career in media, Michelle took her talents to Boost Engagement, where she was Vice President of Sales. Michelle is a small Business Owner with her husband Steve Teska and is President of Golden Heart Senior Care. 

Michelle and her husband Steve have 1 daughter, Emma who is a senior at Hillsdale College.

Restoring Values and the American Dream

I have passionately dedicated my time and effort to values that are fundamental to our nation: Faith, Family, and Freedom. I am a Christian, a wife and mother, a small business owner, and a social and fiscal conservative. I am proud to stand as a Pro-Constitution advocate, believing in the enduring principles of our Constitution. 

- Our Mission -

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and I am a staunch advocate for their growth and success. These enterprises create jobs, drive innovation, and foster economic competition. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to reduce bureaucratic red tape that hinders small business growth. Lowering taxes is crucial to unleashing the full potential of our economy. When individuals and businesses have more of their hard-earned money to invest and spend, everyone benefits.

As a conservative, I hold a deep-seated commitment to the sanctity of life. I have wholeheartedly supported and actively participated in the endeavors of several pro-life organizations.  I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, recognizing the importance of protecting our individual right to bear arms. 

Our veterans, the true guardians of our freedom, have made unparalleled sacrifices for our nation. It is my belief that we owe them a debt of gratitude and unwavering support. I've had the privilege of raising several hundred thousand dollars for veterans' causes and currently serve as Co-Chair for the Dayton-area Ford Oval of Honor at the Air Force Museum. As your State Representative, I promise to continue advocating tirelessly for the interests of Ohio veterans.

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